Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 21, 2009

Pulling Wool Or Pushing Bull?

In Sunday’s Express Raoul Pantin asked Mariano Browne about his experiences as a relative newcomer to Trinidad politics and he ended up his answer by saying that the “institutions were fractious”. Questioned further about what he meant by that, Mariano started to talk about MPATT and Bandleaders’ Association and then flipped to saying we need more analysis of a practical kind, more examination and a greater degree of reflection of what we do and how we react.

Of course I was stunned at the replies, but dismissively so – what do you expect from a politician? Why didn’t Mariano talk about the failures of government institutions rather than others? How can he not see that most of them don’t work and those that do are so riddled with corruption it will be like Hercules cleaning the Aegean Stables. A few that come to mind – Licensing Office and Town and Country… (Now the Police Service who can;t protect a prisoner in the precincts of a courthouse).

What about the Electrical Inspectorate and the Public Health Inspectorate? The common joke when the PHI makes a raid on an establishment and shuts it down it’s because the owner missed his ‘monthly instalment’. (I saw one of them whom I know personally measuring the size of the ‘bedroom’ for the Chinese workers in the newspapers and I couldn’t help but laugh aloud. Knowing the character’s modus operandi – he either knows nothing about how to solve a problem or find the most likely suspect who will pay him to watch the other way).

Practical analysis? Reflection and reaction? Please… don’t get me started on this track! If we disagree with the government on any issue, it is because we have not ‘analysed’ it properly. We get ’emotional’ and react negatively because we are ‘ignorant’. You go Mariano… you are after all a minister of government and we are nothing but buffoons? The old saying about monkey can’t see their own tail, eh?

And what about your boss, the PM? Out of all the projects in Trinidad – and we will only mention the Tsunami Shelter – why is only Cleaver Heights a “matter of concern to the prime minister”? Do you think we really don’t know why? Pulling the wool over people’s eyes seem to be too easy so you guys are now pushing bull tata all over the airwaves.


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