Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 16, 2009

Weekend Roundup

This is a lazyman post… Every single topic could fill a 500 word post easily, but a tired body and soul needs to get this weekend started.

First up we had the protest by the Chinese workers who live in conditions that the news reporter aptly described as what you would expect in a refugee camp. If anyone saw this on the news and can trace their origin as a Trinidadian back to slavery and indentureship, it had to have an impact on you. If not, then you have no concept of history and have dismissed the suffering and inhumane treatment meted out to our ancestors who experienced worse.

Kudos to Ancil Roget, President of the OWTU, who was at the forefront of protest about imported labour,but understands that at the end of the day people are people – no matter their ethnic origin or economic condition – and must be treated as such. How many  of you remembered that the same company the workers were protesting against (Beijing Liujian) was awarded the TT$233 million contract to upgrade Maracas Beach? To quote Joseph Ross when he made the announcement – “the company was chosen out of an international tender and it was one of the largest construction enterprises in the world. Their experience, their history, their financial structure was the best”. Yeah, and UdeCoTT is the project manager…

Next – At the post Cabinet meeting my two favourite Ministers were cementing their positions with regard to UdeCoTT and Hart. Dik-Fud said that she has absolutely no intention of asking the board to resign and expressed her full confidence in them to continue the excellent work they’ve been doing. And Im-blah was warning the media about slandering the po’ Calder Hart. Talk in town is that this rape and robbery will continue until the eve of the next election and then Patrick will fire the board and appeal to his masses (palms facing upwards) that he ‘did what he had to do’ and begs for their support and votes. By that time we’ll probably be over TT$100 billion in deficit and loans to be paid by about three generations.

And then the riots in Beetham. We reach, boy… A stereotypical ‘plannings’ community rose up against what they saw as police tyranny and ‘injustice’ against two of their ‘brethren’. The astute legal minds amongst them said that when the police killed the two men after a shoot out it was unjustified. Really? Did they have all the facts and the merits of the case was fully ventilated, or just pure mob behaviour? Assaulting innocent drivers on the highway and pelting stones and bottles at their cars and you want our sympathy? Just vote PNM next time and maybe they’ll pass a law for us to pay you a toll to use the highway…

Finally, as I was fleeing Port of Spain to go to Enterprise for the weekend – it’s Divali tomorrow (food from people I’ve been eating by like forever on this day :-) ) I had to take a deotour into Aranjuez – a road I hate just like Pasea because of the bad parking – and was looking for a bull pistle for Im-blah, his engineering clowns, and Junior Sammy for the piece of caca they did on the merging lane from Aranjuez to get back onto the highway. I remembered it used to be bad with potholes and I thought with the upgrade they would have fixed it. There is no merging lane!! The piece of asphalt with the dirt on one side and whiteline on the next can barely hold a Chevy Spark!! Lord, put a hand on these people who make it their business to suffer people needlessly. I mean, what perverted idiot could approve this?

With that, my greetings to the Hindu community for a Happy and Holy Divali on Saturday. For my part I pray and hope that some of this spiritual light will illuminate our way forward as a nation. I mean if Obama can take five minutes off and do the right political thing by expressing greetings and symbolically lighting a deya, who’s Patrick? I mean every year the man does blank the people… But then again I know that Patrick’s base also includes Christian fundamentalists.


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