Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 11, 2009

Being John Uff

The subject line has no intention of being disrespectful – it just looks and sounds better – but the correct salutation is Professor John Uff CBE QC

Of course the title of the post comes from an old movie, “Being John Malkovich”, but more importantly, the plot of the movie where other characters in the movie could enter the mind of John Malkovich and ‘observe and sense’ what the host was doing. Ah, the works of fiction that makes one dream… Can you imagine being able to, if not observe, but sense what Professor John Uff must think of us here in Trinidad?

Here is a man whose work in public inquiries and alternative dispute resolutions have taken him from the UK to North Africa, from East Europe to Middle East to Far East and he gets his wicket stumped in lil ole Trinidad… My word, can you imagine his thoughts that he must keep repressed until he gets out of the business? Professor Uff, please do us a favour and write your memoirs! I can see this chapter aptly labelled “The Circus That Is Trinidad”…

I wonder where else in the world will you have a Commission of Enquiry that was:

clamoured  for specifically to investigate UdeCott,

then reluctantly set up by government,

spitefully widened to include all construction activities,

further widened to include one specific project to pin Rowley even though  preliminary investigations indicated that there was nothing to investigate,

asked for funds to hire specialist investigators in a project of interest but got none,

wasn’t gazzeted – still waiting for someone to say why and how – and no one was fired,

hauled before the courts,

persons of interest in the Inquiry being praised by the prime minister and his lackey ministers,

and in the worst twist of words you can get – “Is Uff on or off?”

Ken Ali had an excellent commentary in the Guardian and you get the feeling that the shame can’t go away…


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