Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 7, 2009

Gun Licences For Sale

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the news this morning, so I left the house to get the newspaper earlier than usual, but there it was… Could I doubt my eyes now?

144 non-nationals out of 215 approved applicants for gun licences this year? That’s a whopping 67% or 2/3 of approvals who were deemed by the ACTING Commissioner of Police to warrant greater protection than citizens of UdeCoTT land? Where do I put the WTF! in this post?

So please Martin, say you made a mistake in the numbers you presented to the House…

How can one justify those numbers? The Chinese pay well? (We haven’t forgotten the Chinese woman who couldn’t speak English but was in possession of a valid firearm user’s licence). Are the expatriates lives more valuable than your own people? How are the investigations conducted when the local area police station (where the applicant lives) tries to get information about someone who is probably not well known in his neighbourhood? Does a¬†Minister call and says that he knows the applicant personally?

And the killer question, how much investigation is done in the jurisdiction where the applicant was domiciled for at least 18 months prior to his current address in TnT? This is a standard policy by most law enforcement agencies as it is easy to be a law-breaker in one territory and move to another to ‘start a clean slate’. Sir, I humbly suggest that the above may sound like Greek to the ACOP, but we in UdeCoTT land know that a lil bribe goes a long way…



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