Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 5, 2009

Welcome To The Republic Of UdeCoTT

In this dark and dismal land where anything can be had for a price, a Canadian is more powerful than a Prime Minister who appointed him in the first place…

First off I think a lot of good commentary have been made about the ongoing fiasco where a state body is going against the state, but I just had to correct a perception out there that a letter writer touched on. No, the Prime Minister is not sending mixed signals. He sends only one – he supports Calder Hart. Said it with his own mouth in a public place – nothing mixed about that!

Second, John Jeremie said he spoke to UdeCoTT’s lawyers last Thursday and yet no one asked why? For what reason could he be speaking to lawyers when, as one himself, he knows that they are only bound to take instructions from their client and not any third party. Try again…

To make my position clear – I renounce my citizenship of this crooked UdeCoTT land. I remain a true citizen of Trinidad and Tobago (where has it gone?), though not very proud at this moment, but proud of my fellow compatriots who seems to have had enough and drawn the proverbial line in the sand – CJ Ivor Archie, Prof. Selwyn Ryan, Martin Daly, SC…

More than a year ago I wrote about what Keith Rowley should have done and that our only hope was the PNM, but they didn’t understand. Now is the time we really have to live the old saying, “evil flourishes when good men do nothing”.



  1. Very well said!

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