Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 30, 2009

Idiot Of The Day

Everyone who comes here must be bored by my tirades against idiots on the road, but today I have some empirical evidence to back it up…

Heading South this afternoon on the Solomon Hochoy Highway and after the traffic where the road-widening is taking place by Divali Nagar (this part is officially the Uriah Butler Highway) a Toyota Hilux riding my bumper was given a chance to go his merry way. Cruising about 100 km/h I could still see him up ahead (we are by Seereeram Brothers now) and I saw the ‘weave’ – hard to the left, hard to the right, hard to the left again – boy was he in a hurry!

So I thought to myself – and here is where experience beats hot blood any day – let’s see how far he can reach before I lose him up ahead. I know that no matter how many bursts of speed he makes or how many weaves, there’s always some slowpoke or two ahead to slow you down.

Guess what? After all his shenanigans I was still able to see him turn off the highway at Tarouba Road. 1001… 1002… 1003… 1004… it took me 12 seconds to reach where he began his turn. He saved 12 seconds and could have died more than 12 times between the Endeavour and Tarouba overpasses. What a jackass…

Anyway, driver of TCJ 9112 – a dark grey4X4 Toyota Hilix, you have been awarded the idiot of the day award. I only hope and pray that when you ‘lose control’ of the vehicle and I am reading about it in the newspapers, you did not take any innocent lives along with you.


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