Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 28, 2009

Ignorance: Use As And When Required

Sunday’s Express reported Mariano Browne as saying that the criticisms of the proposed property tax was ‘ignorant’ of the issues and I applaud him for his candour. Amazing how ignorance, such an asset during election time, is now a source of complaint.

I hope that the 299,813 people who voted for the PNM last elections (less the actual candidates and their immediate families) and who can be counted on to faithfully cast their votes for the balisier if elections are called tomorrow were listening. ‘Very few people seems to have done any calculations or arithmetic’. Seriously? We are supposed to think now but not at elections time?

But then again, Mariano was probably speaking about the other 351,763 people, including yours truly, who did not vote for the PNM. That’s what democracy is all about people – majority wins. Once the faithful couldn’t care less, the rest be damned. We can’t even protest about what we don’t like…

Now let me regress a little bit to what contributed to our ‘ignorance’… The Finance Minister said that the property tax is ‘proposed’ but the Assessment Board said that they are hard at work for the last few months and we should expect our bill in the mail during March 2010. She also said that there will be ‘no backing down’ on the ‘proposal’ and everyone knows that money bills requires only a simple majority. So what’s the point? Telling us about opportunity to review, debate and amend is poppycock unless we turn on the pressure now.


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