Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 21, 2009

UdeCoTT, The Ultimate Bag Man?

A Bag Man is described as “any person in charge of organizing and collecting contributions to political parties (politicians?) or funds gathered for political reasons whether legitimate or not” and one can’t help but wonder who is UdeCoTT holding the bag for in this PNM Government? Imagine, as the Express reported on Sunday, UdeCoTT is challenging any attempts to get the Uff Commission back on stream, and further, looking to recall all the evidence laid before the Commission. Now really, does that look like an innocent move in any form or fashion?

The story goes on to say that these latest challenges fly in the face of what the AG John Jeremie said he will do to get the Commission’s work ‘validated’ and also what he describes as his PM’s commitment to ‘transparency and integrity’. Now for those who were born yesterday, or arrived today, UdeCoTT is not a private company but a state corporation answerable to the Minister of Finance or Corporation Sole. Now how is it possible for UdeCoTT to go against what the government would like to do and yet no one is doing anything except paying lawyers’ fees? I always remember Robin Montano for this – “in a one-lawyer town you will have a poor lawyer, but in a two-lawyer town you will have two very rich lawyers”. The description needs nothing more to add and is more than appropriate in this case…

So for all the millions and billions badly spent and trying to cover their asses come hell or high water, UdeCoTT is taking on lawyers like there is no tomorrow. So the question again – if they are indeed corrupt, who in the government are they holding money for that they are so protected? But my only grouse is that a slew of Trini lawyers is lining up to rob the negative TT$8.4 billion Treasury dry once more all in the name of ‘fairness under the law’. That’s their job, I suppose, but it doesn’t change the scent of it… And as I’ve written before, they have already lost in the court of public opinion so all the public needs is an opportunity to vote on it.


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