Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 20, 2009

Where There’s Smoke…

There’s fire right behind! Everyone knows this saying, but my replacement is, “where there’s Jack, Ramesh can’t be far behind”.

In a long-talk session with some friends over lunch – couldn’t leave where we were because of the rain – we were talking about the CJ’s speech and how the government was putting together a ministerial committee to make a comprehensive response and of course one thing led to another. When I got home and looking at the news, however, what could I see but Winston and Jack hamming it up for the cameras at the new breakfast shed.

Well Jack said it all – he remembers his history and wasn’t ashamed to own up to the fact that he turned on Dookeran when it mattered the most. (It is now a political classic – ‘yesterday was yesterday and today is today’) The height, or depth preferably, of hypocrisy however is Ramesh… Once Jack is making overtures to the COP, Ramesh is somewhere around – lurking like the rat he is. I hope Winston and Prakash and all the others in the COP don’t turn a blind eye to the most dangerous traitor in our midst just to get much needed financial assistance from Jack.

Ramesh is a traitor – he was the catalyst of the UNC Government’s downfall (even though Bas finished it off with his stupidity) and he must not be allowed to escape his accountability in the PNM and Patrick Manning occupying office for the last seven years and nine months overseeing the squandermania and crime surge. Never.


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