Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 18, 2009

Looking For A Hero

We all do it, don’t we? Looking for the next leader of TnT to take us to that elusive ‘next level’. And for those, like me, who sometimes think that Patos and Bas will live forever – can’t blame us now can you? –  I mean, they’ve been there for most of my life!

So looking at Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (re-run) I saw for the first time the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker, and my word… Where do they get these guys from? Why can’t we get at least one national of TnT to act and behave like this young politician who had the ‘audacity’ to refuse a White House appointment? For a balanced view of his tenure, see this article:,9171,1910983,00.html

And that centerpiece of his campaign as mentioned – “You’re a children’s foundation, — don’t you know that if a kid gets shot, every one of the issues you care about gets undermined?” how does this relate to a nation where we have 379 known homicides at news time on 09/15? (I can ask what in heaven’s name minors were doing in a club on a Sunday morning, but that does not change the fact that they are dead).

So pan the horizon and tell me who do you see as our next tribal hope? Neil Parsanlal of the PNM who tries very, very hard to impress? Mikela Panday or Roodal Moonilal of the UNC? Prakash Ramadhar of the COP? (My word, I only have Indian names here…) Derren Joseph who I saw is now putting his faith in faith that we will have a better future? After the three tired old men (I forgot Dooks) is there any new blood out there?

To be honest, I like Wendy Lee Yuen. Maybe it will take a humble, but very passionate, farmer to ‘plant the seeds’ of a future nation…


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