Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 11, 2009

Trotting Out The ‘Experts’

So, Derek Hudson of BGTT said that by 2015, TnT will be in good shape – do you feel all warm and rosy inside? And then right after that, a senior official of RBC (that’s Royal Bank of Canada, aye, not RBTT) said that they project gas selling next year for US$6.00/mmbtu – does that instill any confidence in you? Do these people know what’s going on in the outside world with regard to LNG? We are a little peewat whose goose is gonna get cooked! Take for example the Qataris who are investing in supertankers and terminals while we build skyscrapers and buy helicopters:

Where do these people come out from in a week where the most depressing news about our sad state of affairs (sorry, prudent management of our fiscal affairs) is made public via a national budget presentation? Is it intentional? Are they asked to speak to make the populace not unduly worried, or are they speaking indirectly to their investors? Hmmmm….

For me it’s a no-brainer – the money done. Stolen again by the PNM, their friends and families as it was thirty years ago. “Any man who forgets his history is condemned to repeat it”. Did you expect any different? I mean, for all the protection Calder Hart is getting from this administration, he has got to be a bag man of immense proportions. And did they find Uthara Rao as yet? Is anyone looking for that bandit who was collecting interest on government money from a local bank? Was the bank black-listed by the government and the official/s who was part of the scheme fired? But then again, Karen had done a lil insider training herself, aye?



  1. BG and others in the Natural Gas business not worried because they have the T&T Govt locked into Take or Pay contracts… either you take the Gas or you Pay for it… when you pay for it you still dont get to use it but I may keep it in storage… when you need said Gas I can then sell it back to you…

    i hope RBCTT know that the day of the speculator raising the price gone… the World Economic Meltdown made sure of that…

    the money done long time now… years of reassessed budgets and now true deficits…

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

  2. Hey! I had a post on trying to ‘define insanity’ in TnT some time ago…

    I’m not so sure about the days of the speculator being over though… Energy companies think it’s a good think as high prices encourage them to invest in further exploration/research. Yes, super profits are nice too… And how do you regulate it?

    See this link:

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