Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 9, 2009

Boom and Bust

Only a PNM government could spend money as is if it passes through Trinidad ‘like a dose of salts’… It happened once, and it happened again. Of course, all the ‘I told you so’ will be saying ‘I told you so’, but is anyone listening?

I am stunned by the silence of the people on two shattering events on Monday. One, we spent TT$8.4 billion (yes, billion) that we didn’t earn and we plan to spend $7.7 billion (yes, billion) more this coming fiscal year. Second, all the bandits, crooks and thieves finally won and killed the Uff Commission. Not that we don’t know if it was intended to end like this… Makes you proud to be a flag waving, red tee-shirt, PNM till-ah-dead, aye?

So let’s start everyone’s favourite game – laying blame. First and foremost – Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj for bringing down the UNC Government of 2000; Basdeo Panday for being dotish enough to damn every single bridge he’s crossed but giving Robinson the choice of choosing a PM in the 2001 18-18 election; Robbie for returning to his roots and voting PNM based on some twisted sense of moral and spiritual values but more for what Lennox Grant describes as getting rid of the ‘usurpers’ and returning to power the ‘natural rulers’; the PNM and UNC supporters who can’t see further than the texture of their hair and voted tribe in 2007, but more the UNC supporters for voting a party that could never win an election.

So where do we go from here? Well apart from the nauseating budget ‘debate speeches’ where every PNM member will get up and crow like Karen of how well they have done over the past seven years and eight months (but who’s counting?) and which we’ll just have to take it like a true, true supporter, there’s not one damn thing we can do. We really and truly do like it so… Oh my lord, can you imagine Colm Imbert? Oversaw one of the largest boom and bust in the shortest possible period and he will only say how great is he and the PNM and throw mauvais langue at the other side.

And what about Rowley? The man who still supports the PNM with all his might and blames Patrick for everything that goes wrong? I said it once and I’ve said it many more times – he made a mistake by not challenging Manning at the last convention and he will pay the price just as his beloved PNM. Natural rulers… jeez…

I’ll leave the Uff Commission for another time – the above post was depressing enough – but suffice to say, no matter how much ‘investigable’ evidence came out, I don’t expect either actors – the CoP and the DPP – to do anything about it.

Don’t blame me – I voted C O P…


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