Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 24, 2009

10.5 Things I Hate While Driving

Anyone who visits this blog knows that I have driving problems… Because I spend too much time on the road (my personal opinion) I get the opportunity to observe many bad habits – those that are just annoying and some that are downright dangerous. I started to compile the list in my head (while driving of course) so notes were not possible. I don’t need a study to tell me that texting while driving was dangerous! So here goes…

1. People who know that the speed limit is 80 km/h (their justification for driving slow on the right side lane) but don’t understand the part about ‘keep left except when overtaking’.

2. People who refuse to put their lights on when the place is still dark in the morning and getting so in the evening. They say that “they can see the road’ without understanding that is irrelevant when other drivers can’t see them. Sorry, park lights are exactly that – for when you are parked, not driving.

3. In line with the above – people who park on the side of the road with their headlights on. And if that wasn’t stupid enough, they give you a bright lights when you are coming closer just to make sure you see them.

4. A line of cars parked up on one side of the road and two way traffic still possible, but someone parks on the opposite side because it’s too far to walk back. Now only one lane, traffic starts to pile up and they couldn’t care less.

5. Tint so dark that you can’t see what’s going on in front of said tinted vehicle.

6. People who drive as if they are the only ones on the road – 30 km/h in a 50 km/h zone without a hoot that they are pulling a mile long chain of cars in the back of them. There are a few I know well who do this, and even more annoying, when they get on the highway they drive on the shoulder. Go figure… When two of these meet on the highway and driving for miles side by side with neither making an effort to speed up thereby clearing the lanes, it makes you want to fund a study on driving stupidity!

7. 40′ containerised cargo that pass you on the highway as if you are parked.

8. Big trucks with too much speed on the whole. (See my post about 10 wheel killers)

9. Taxi drivers generally and PH drivers who do all the bad things taxi drivers do and more.

10. The ‘lefties’… Always on the shoulder… ‘chooking’ up at every single traffic light or island to get a jump on the legal lane drivers.

10.5 When you ‘rush’ me coming out of your driveway or minor road, drive a lil fast, nah… don’t hurry to come out and then drive in front of me at a snail’s pace! Ever notice how stopping at a major road is now optional?



  1. i may be guilty of some of the listed items at times if only to remind some of the actual speed limit or to put some perspective as to what’s ahead on the road…

    one thing i don’t like, which is also against the law in some places, are vehicles parked facing oncoming traffic…

    and indicating ones direction of travel is also optional… no hand signal… if you get an indicator light it may just be the opposite way…

  2. I don’t drive. The driving is left to my husband. However, I can certainly sympathize with him when there are really bad drivers on the road. In fact, I wrote a hub/blog about it – 10 things I hate while driving –

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