Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 21, 2009

10 Wheel Killers

By now everyone knows about the Junior Sammy truck driver that killed five people in a traffic accident in Mosquito Creek on Saturday August 15th. I listened to one of the victim’s father on IBN Wednesday night as he poured his heart out at losing is only son and I wondered again, will anything ever change in this country?

Yesterday morning a Coosal’s dump truck was apparently racing to get where he wanted to be by breaking a major road – at speed – and overtaking helter skelter as if he was driving a sports car. And that was before 6:00 am. People, I am talking about a 10-wheeler dump truck here that has a payload of at least 12 tonnes when full…

Coming from south in the afternoon and during a downpour in the Freeport area a tractor unit with a trailer pulled in front of me in the same second he put on his indicator. As soon as required I put my headlights on in my car so it wasn’t as if he couldn’t see me. He either didn’t look, didn’t care or both. Good tyres, ABS and EBA saves my life once again… Same truck went up the Munroe Road ramp, ignored the ‘no right turn from left turn lane’ and swung his trailer directly in the part of the legal drivers in the right lane as he turned right. No one goes against this type of drive and I’m sure most of you have been there before. Common every day, every hour at the Couva overpass..

So whether it’s a Junior Sammy, Coosal’s, Namalco Construction or the hundreds (or thousands) of 10 wheel killers out there – nothing will change. We are at their mercy once we are on the road and as usual our police officers are never around to make a difference…

Be safe people.



  1. couldn’t be said better

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