Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 5, 2009

Hazel’s Horror

*Gasp!* It can’t be! What financial imprudence is this? $17,000 in overdraft charges? What waste, what a scandal! Heads should roll for this!

One would think that the Minister belongs to a saintly administration whose handling of the public purse can be admired by all far and wide, but a few hundred million there and a couple billion there is nothing to them yet this outrage about a $17,000 overdraft. Really? Am I the only one confused with this image? Maybe, First Lady Manning, if the corporation got their allocations they wouldn’t need an overdraft… I don’t know, yuh think?

Gad, I tire of this idiocy and yet I see that we are paying US$348 million for US$100 million worth of helicopters. Reminds me of the old joke during the UNC days when the only contractor who got work in Trinidad was Ish. As the joke goes; NH, Coosal and Ish were invited to negotiate for a job. Coosal said $45 million, Emile said $50million and Ish said $150 million. The client (was it Bas?) baulked and asked Ish if he was mad – why so much? Simple, he said, $50 mil for you, $100 mil for me and I’ll hire Emile to do the job!

Hmmm… US$100m for the choppers, US$200m for ??? and US$48m for training and support. Now that makes sense! And yet for TT$17,000 we rant, rave and misbehave…


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