Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 29, 2009

Quoting Colin Powell

In a recent interview on CNN, Colin Powell had this message for his Republican Party – “the base is of no particular use if all you can do is sit on it and you can’t build on it.” He emphasised the need to bring the moderates and independents closer to their way of thinking and I immediately thought about the ol’ Bas and his ‘base’.

When you look at his party’s seats in Parliament, is it not logical to think that he has done absolutely nothing with his ‘base’ since 1976? Always wanting (seems to be wanting?) the big job but content to sit on the left side of the house. Knowing human nature a little, I’ve seen quite a few examples in my life of back seat drivers and armchair critics. They can always direct and criticise when it’s not their responsibility to provide solutions or meaningful change. But you know all this…

The point is, and has always been, why are we like sheep blindly following failed leaders? The infamous syndrome of my generation – ‘who we go put?’ lives on…


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