Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 27, 2009

Remembering 1990

If you ask any American over 60 where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news that President Kennedy was assassinated, they remember it vividly. It’s a psychological thing I gather, and I can vouch for it personally since I can remember exactly what I was doing 19 years ago when Yasin Abu Bakr appeared on my television screen.

In those days I was living in my one bedroom apartment in Enterprise and in the 9′ x 9′ living/TV room playing with my two young children when I saw it. Shock is a funny thing, yes… I looked at it for a minute, I heard the words, saw the gunman swaggering across the screen and still thinking that it was some play going on. (People around my age will remember ‘Play of the Month on TTT, so they will understand).

I calmly got up jumped into my old car and went to Medford gas station and filled up my tank as it was practically dry. Yuh must know a Trini in crisis – fill up the gas tank even though you may not be able to go anywhere :-) In the few minutes it took me to get to Montrose Junction I was listening to the voice that will comfort us over the next few days – Dennis McCommie – who was barricading himself and repelling an attack on then NBS Radio. The employees at the  gas station were now hearing the news but only started to believe when the gas station started to fill up with cars.

The next few days was surreal, but our revered ‘leaders’ of the day really rallied us to be patriotic to TnT. One said to wake him up when it’s over, the other said it was a family quarrel and one wannabe leader was hiding out in Grenada. Everyone, up to this day believes that these three ‘gentlemen’ knew more than they were ready to admit about that fateful Friday. Bas was in power for 6 years and no enquiry. Ramesh was AG for close to 6 years and he had no interest. Patrick has held power for 12 years of the 19 and absolutely nothing.

Do I think that there should be one after so long? Yes, even if to dispel the perception that our current Prime Minister and Opposition leader were not traitors to the country by supporting or having prior knowledge of an unlawful attempt to overthrow the legally constituted government of the day. Can you imagine the scandal if it turned out to be true? The men who have held the most powerful office in the country, but yet treasonous at heart?




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