Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 24, 2009

Jack The Giant Killer

Is it true? Is Basdeo Panday’s cemetery, filled with the ‘corpses’ of his many enemies, finally full and he can’t bury anyone again? Is Jack Warner the man who will finally ‘kill’ Basdeo Panday politically? Wow, what an interesting week in local politics this turned out to be.

Assuming that Jack bought the people in hard cold cash to oust Suruj Rambachan, the fact is he’s taken the fight to the Rienzi UNC. I could just imagine the shock that reverberated in Bas and his inner circle when the event took place. Ha! I would have paid to see that!

But what is this joke that Jack put up for mayor? The child can’t even answer questions and ‘daddy’ Jack has to take the mike? More comedy! What’s her name again? Natasha Navas… never heard of her before… And I know Central politics!

To carry the joke to the end, the UNC has asked Jack to vacate his seat and fight Suruj in a by-election. The response was expected in Jack’s typical ‘lyrics’ style. (You gotta admit – Jack has lyrics and ole talk, eh?) But back to the original question: does Jack really feel he can win the Chaguanas seat without Basdeo Panday? He thinks that he can, but he’s not taking any chances, or ‘basket’ in this case.

Tell him to ask Hulsie Bhaggan, Winston Dookeran and Manohar Ramsaran… The ingrates of Felicity have always voted whichever crapaud Bas put up for that seat. Since February I started a post that I was never able to complete about the similarities between Felicity and Laventee. I make no apologies, however, in calling them ingrates after the last elections. I know personally how many things Manohar did in Felicity and yet the constituents told him in his face that he did nothing…



  1. PM PM was correct when he said that the electorate isn’t mature enough to make decision on their own… i thought education was the key but apparently the more educated some are the dumber the decisions they make…

  2. Nice cartoon, but the crosses were a lil misleading or a subliminal message… The graveyard is probably filled with Indian/Hindu ‘leaders’ but we all know that Ramesh, Jack, Gypsy and Winston are not.
    But education is the key, Bandi. It’s just that we have to recognise that it’s all encompassing, not only in academia but also in introspection, culture, etiquette, everything.

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