Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 22, 2009

Party over Country

So, Sunday was the big day – Special Convention of the PNM called by their leader to discuss political and economic union of TnT and the OECS… What’s wrong with this picture?

First off, the PNM party – to which the government belongs – decides on the recommendation of their political leader? That’s like asking answers… In the Keith Rowley affair last year I opined that the PNM party was the only hope of this nation in curbing the dictatorial ambitions of its political leader, but they folded and decided that it was better to feed at the trough than bear the standard of country first.

 Yesterday as the PM ramajayed and brayed about political and economical union and the need to step up to save those small island economies, I saw the same overarching ambition in him that I wrote about so long:

Make no mistake about it, this is all about the war cry of the PNM: “Great is the PNM!, Great is the PNM! and It Shall Prevail!”… even if it has to rely on votes from the small islanders who as Richard Thomas had said, will never vote for an Indo -Trini party.

We have our problems here but I’ve never encountered racism and political animosity as I have in St. Vincent and Guyana. I remember telling people a story about getting invited to the home of a COP supporter who was hosting a small get-together for a few friends and family. The hostess’ cousin was a PNM campaign manager for a candidate in the last elections and two others there were UNC-A. Yuh talk bout ole talk!! Man, we were going at it whole night, but there were no hard feelings at the end of it all – we accepted that people can support who they want even though we may not agree with them.

We may be passionate during an election but only the fanatics amongst us carry it too far for too long. (By this blog I may be a bloody fanatic too!) Is Patrick trying to change that with his grab for perpetual power? Amazing what people are willing to do for power and money. Vision 2020 won’t change what we are at heart – a third-world mentality of supporting the tribe and feeding at the trough even though it may be crumbs while the leaders are having cake…

We are going down a road that I feel very uncomfortable with, hence my expressions of concern, and no PNM apologist so far has made me any more trusting.


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