Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 14, 2009

Israel, Is That You?

I had a problem with Israel Khan’s SC column in Saturday’s Express where he attempted to defend John Jeremie’s second incarnation as our Attorney General simply because he missed a crucial point. He can quote Martineau SC, Seetahal SC, Le Quesne QC, et al, but my crying question was not answered – can we trust a highly political appointee to a post that was intended to protect the rights of all TnT citizens?Quoting chapter and verse of a battered Constitution does not help me. Tell me what was the intention of the framers of the Constitution (like ANR Robinson purported to interpret on 01/12/24) and if they foresaw a rampant AG trying to usurp the territory of a supposedly independent DPP?

But then again after reading the headline of Sunday’s Express and the subsequent column by Camini Marajh, it all fell into place. While you condemned the ‘voices of discontent from the usual suspects’, you should have declared your interest in the matter, that is, state that your support for the AG is because of the briefs sent your way by his office.

One of my gurus had taught me that everyone is entitled to build a wall of financial security around them and their families to protect them from the uncertainties of the world, but I question everyday how high must this wall be for the people who see their country’s institutions collapsing before their very eyes yet money is their main priority? Do you think that you can escape to another land and spend it all and the peons like us will remain under the yoke of a dictator? What principles can a man stand on if they think like this? You disappointed me sir…


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