Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 12, 2009

The Overpass Revisited

Now that it’s been six weeks since the overpass was officially opened – and most importantly, enough time to fix any obvious defects – I am back to the conclusion that the people who run the governments programmes need help… lots of it…

I spent the holiday in my old hometown and was heading north to the city on Friday morning. As I was approaching the Bamboo/Grand Bazaar overpass at maybe 5:50 – 6:00 am, the ramp was filled with cars and it was obvious that the ‘shoulder drivers’ were using it to bypass some of the slow moving traffic by going up and coming back down on the other side. No police of course, but they had the manpower to station officers on the main overpass to chase people from stopping.

Under the Bamboo overpass on the left lane there is a very large depression that was not repaired. Heading to the ‘high-speed ramp’ as Colm used to call it, there were two potholes on the left lane. The merge in lane from the ramp coming down from the Bamboo overpass is way too short. Engineers attempt to get the angle as acute as possible so visibility for the guy entering the highway is safer, but this angle was too wide. The people coming down the ramp and trying to merge are practically blind and it didn’t help that there were so many of them using it as a shortcut.

So let’s head back east from Aranjuez road… Again, something is wrong with the lanes to keep left, get onto the overpass and then head south. Too short and they should have started from the filter lane coming off Aranjuez road. People heading south do not like to stay on the left lane before the traffic lights as they have to contend with the people coming out of Aranjuez road when they cross. It’s a dilemma to solve I agree…

Going straight up to the traffic lights as directed to go to Grand Bazaar is not bad, but if you are heading east, my word, it’s like you are on a roller coaster. Takng any of these three lanes at the posted speed feels as if you will lift off at any time. Same with the left lane when you exit the main overpass heading south… roller coaster…

The straight lane heading south when you cross from the Mt. Hope side is very dangerous getting down to one lane from two and the road needs repaving.  Merging traffic from the overpass is a danger too as they are coming down with speed and some of them forget that they shouldn’t cross into the extreme right lane.

All in all, it is a classic case of being so focused on one deliverable (the south-bound overpass) that everything else seems as if separate from the project. The fact is that it is all one intersection and the contractors failed by leaving all the other shoddy work around the site unattended to.

I was reminded of this when I passed quite a few times by the new NP service station being built at the top of Aranjuez road. There are two huge potholes just at the spanking new entrance and no one, not NP, nor the contractor seemed to think that they should fix it just to ‘complete’ their work. The mentality is that it’s not within the scope of the contract, but the fact remains, your customers have to go in that huge pothole when they enter and exit your service station. Why then is it not your responsibility? The answer to that question tells us a lot about ourselves.


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