Posted by: nastylittletruths | June 1, 2009

The Most Dangerous Man in TnT

Ably backed by Prime Minister Manning, whose instructions he follows anyway, and in total disregard of his function as protector of the rights of TnT’s citizens, here comes the new Attorney General John Jeremie. Be afraid, be very afraid of what this man is willing to do as exposed by the original ‘buss mark’ herself – Camini Marajh:

After reading this today, I owe Geoffrey Henderson an apology. I always thought that he was being influenced by the PNM government of the day not knowing he was actually standing up to protect us from the man who swore to do just that!

Don’t you feel a shiver when you think that, according to some reports, we will soon get a DPP who may be an ‘accomplice’ of the AG? My word, who will be next on the hit list? Who will feel the full weight of the state machinery grinding them into the dust like ex-CJ Sat Sharma.

Read some of my past posts about the law not being our protector but as a weapon used in the hands of our leaders and you will better understand what I’ve been warning this nation about for some time now:

The man behind Patrick’s private army called SAUTT (still an illegal entity!) and who created his own number plates proudly bearing the letters TTAG1… Yuh think we goin’ 2020 or the path of tyranny?



  1. The “TTAG” plates that we see about nowadays are vehicles attached to the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard and not the Office of the Attorney General. Attorney General’s office has no special licence plates.

  2. Can’t be. The Air Guard have to be a very rich unit then… TTAG1 is a black Audi A8 (heavily tinted) and there are a lot of vehicles that carry the tag, from black SUVs, Almeras and even trucks.

  3. “TTAG” is the Air Guard designation, and yes, TTAG1 is a black heavily tinted Audi A8.

    If you want confirmation, call the Ministry of National Security or, more pointedly, the Chief of Defence Staff’s office. Better fete, call the Public Relations Officer for the Defence Force. I believe that it is still Captain Al Alexander.

    Contact information is at the following link:

  4. I’ll do that. I did the research and the only strange thing is the timing. I know the TTAG plates have been around earlier than January 2007 when the Air Guard became an autonomous unit.
    If I am wrong, I’ll admit it, but still have a healthy fear of JJ…

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