Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap

Martin Daly had me rolling on the floor laughing today with his analogy to Star Wars… “Trinidad & Tobago is full of Sith. We need to remove the Sith” (we don’t need much anagrammatical skills to figure that one out!) But if that was not good enough, his search for Luke Skywalker ended up with the ‘skylarkers’ on the Opposition bench. Bravo. Mr. Daly. I can only admire your skill with the written word.

The next was my other hero of wit – Tony Deyal. Tony had some ‘pressure’ at the Canadian High Commission and I’m glad that he brought it up in his Saturday column. I’ve seen this women at work before (one middle-aged Indo-Trini and a younger Afro-Trini). Last year the younger one trying to ‘buff’ me in public because I dared to go collect my daughter’s passport in the afternoon (visa granted) without a ‘letter of authorisation’… Uh, I am the one who applied for her in the morning… I am the one who submitted all the necessary paperwork and who you questioned… but with a single-entry visa stamp the passport has become more important than me? She reluctantly gave it to me, but she warned me – “next time, don’t make that mistake!” Welcome to our world Tony. We live in an under-developed nation of bandits, crooks and thieves so we are treated all the same when we have to beg for a visitor’s visa.

And on the topic of visas, I’m off to a complaint by a Mr. T. Ramoutar of Rio Claro who was denied a visa to the US. Mr. Ramoutar, I feel your pain but you could write to President Obama himself and it wouldn’t make a difference. A piece of advice though – next time you apply for a visa (I know you said you wouldn’t) speak from a position of confidence and flippancy. These people scent desperation from a distance and believe me, the process is intended to intimidate you. But just a few things – you are a public servant and you have all these assets? If the officer had to ask you if your money in the bank was an inheritance, one can assume that it was no small sum. Acres of land in Rio? I would hazard a guess and say the man pegged you for a ganja farmer… Your letter was an excellent one filled with clarity, so you are not dense. Insist on the truth for the refusal.


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