Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 16, 2009

TnT Police = Stupid

Ah sorry, but ah fed up…

Yesterday made it four weeks since the infamous lock-down of the main corridor for east-west traffic, the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, to satisfy the 5th Summit of the Americas. (Yes, I remember the name even though the memory is similar to that of visiting a urinal after drinking Johnnie Walker Blue – there goes a chunk of money for nothing… No, wait a minute – I still have a little buzz from the alcohol…) It also marks the five weeks after the tint ‘crackdown’.

Last Saturday I was heading south and it had traffic on the north-bound lane from the walkover by Rex Kar to the walkover after Alescon. Why? Police stopping people for tint. I mean, come on – commuters have suffered in traffic for five days of the week getting to and from work… on a Saturday too? This was about 8:30 in the morning and when I was coming back up at 11:30, traffic still piled up.

But the traffic is not the cause for my rant, but the police themselves. Since when did the tint on cars became more important to law-abiding citizens (yes, I know that you hardworking boys and girls are really working on this for the population’s safety) than the noise makers who pass day and night making our lives a deafening hell? Why, pray tell, are you not doing something about that? If you take a poll right now, how many people do you think will protest against tint versus those who have been complaining for ages about the loud music in vehicles? This is a problem that affects us while we are trying to rest in the night to be productive in the day! But apparently a tinted car driving around the nation’s roads is a more serious offence.

Please Mr. and Ms. Police, do something sensible once in your life and crack down on these miscreants with the same vigour as you are doing for that loud and very disturbing tint. And while I am at it, why it is we can find policemen to stand guard on Colm’s Crossing and in the days of old when three lanes were waiting patiently to turn right and the impatient ones were in all sorts of compromising positions by the San Juan River bridge we couldn’t see any?

Let me end with the funniest story about idiots with loud noise-makers in their cars. You can’t make this stuff up… Idiot coming down the road with music so loud it’s shaking the houses, and all of a sudden the car stops. Idiot got out of the car, crosses road with a finger stuck in one ear and a cellphone in the other… and you guessed it – music still playing in the car! Idiot got out of the car to answer his phone! Idiot didn’t think about lowering the volume. Where is my video camera for this You Tube moment?



  1. that is really sad… damn that is a real fool… i feel you making that up :D

    buh fi real… why when they stop you checking for tint they dont check for other things like working lights, license and insurance… yuh done have meh in a kinda roadblock… might as well make use and get derelict and other illegal entities off the roadway…

    • I wish I was… But you’ve seen this before – a noisemaker cruising down the streets with all his windows down and in some cases speakers pointing outside! They are ‘playing to the crowd’, this has less to do with their love for music than a juvenile attempt to impress. The guy in question was heading towards a KFC outlet and stopped just before he reached the junction. After the call he went in the car park and left the music on while buyng his chicken…
      Best line in the movie, “Bridal Wars’, “people who have an iPod plugged into their ear all the time cannot be alone with their thoughts”. Sad… but what cacophony of thought pervades these people’s brains that they have to shut it out with that level of noise?

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