Posted by: nastylittletruths | May 2, 2009

Chased Off Overpass

Police in Trini real jokey yes… On Saturday afternoon (which should be after the PM’s visit) there were two cops stationed at the crest of the overpass chasing people who wanted to stop and enjoy the view.

Now, I loaded up the family in the car to head south with all intention of stopping and letting the children enjoy the view for a few minutes before continuing on my merry way. As soon as I spotted the police car, I knew what was the purpose, but it didn’t make me change my plans. So I pulled in the shoulder after the parked police car and got out. Mr. Constable started to walk up shouting that I can’t park there. I walked to meet him and asked him what was the problem and he said that people stopping on the shoulder were causing the traffic to slow down so they ‘had instructions to keep everyone moving along’.

Now if if you ever tried to engage a policeman in a ‘reasonable’ discussion, well it’ll be easier to talk to a stone wall. Poor guy had his ‘instructions’ (just like the riot police during the summit) and said he can’t allow me to stop unless it was an emergency. I thanked him for his obvious concern for the well being of the motoring public and hoped that I will see him one day when he’s really needed and went my merry way.

The novelty will wear off and people will still get to enjoy the view… And the police in TnT will still be as stupid as ever.



  1. pass in the night instead

    • LMAO… while that may sound rather appealing – the view at night may be even more impressive – I saw flashing blue lights on your video! I may get chased again :-) But rather that than being the first robbery victim, aye?

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