Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 28, 2009

Taxi Lane – Keep Left

No, more left… And if you didn’t notice the sign – Vinci just painted the words S H O U L D E R so that you don’t miss it while going over the ramp.

This is one time I have to give the belt to Colm Im-blah. I kinda remembered him saying that the overpass as the Uriah Butler/Churchill-Roosevelt intersection will be two lanes but with the ‘capacity’ for a third lane ‘built in’. And I dismissed it saying it’s either two lanes or three lanes – what is he talking about capacity for a third lane? It’s an overpass for crying out loud. You can’t just go up there and tack on another lane, right?

But Colm was smart… The overpass looks wide enough for three lanes and two shoulders, but if you’ve passed recently and see what they painted, well you’ll either cry or die laughing… Two skinny lanes and a skinny right shoulder with a left shoulder that looks like about the width of the two painted lanes!

Now, what’s up with that? Emergency lane? Space for an extra-wide 10′ wide truck to park without obstructing the flow of traffic? I really need help to understand this as my taxi boys and others of similar driving style will be using that ‘shoulder’ as if they are rushing to a fire.

The most significant civil works project in the country and this is how it ended? At present we have three lanes turning right to head south and the Caroni bridge was widened to accommodate three lanes, so why are we going back down to two. Granted that it’s free flowing and two lanes should be adequate after Aranjuez for the south-bound traffic, then we could have saved some money.

Would love to hear the rationale for this, but I expect we will when Tatoo cuts the ribbon soon.

p.s. Colm, you wouldn’t treat all the south and central people the way you treated central people a few years ago with the Guayamare bridge along the Southern Main Road, will you? The bridge was finished and you suffered motorists for a week or two more than necessary because you had to go and ‘cut the ribbon’.

I remembered seeing how the contractor blocked a completed structure while waiting for a very long line of traffic coming from the opposite direction for us to get a chance to cross the single-lane diversion and I thought how very typical – it was more important for you to come when you decided rather than letting people use the bridge that their tax dollars paid for.



  1. ahhh yes someone else realizes the Colm apart from being imbecile_ish is just a MOWT Man

  2. […] Interchange (CRUBi), that were opened to the public on 01MAY2009.. and made my observations… Nasty Little Truths pointed out earlier that the size of the SHOULDER on the FlyOver is like a whole other Lane… […]

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