Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 21, 2009

The Presidential Snub

Based on newspaper reports this morning, it was reinforced that Brian Charles Lara is the most important man in Trinidad.

In an ole talk session on Sunday evening, everyone was wondering where was the US President from the time he ended his press conference to when he showed up at Piarco. We know that he doesn’t have to ‘check out’ of the hotel like us plebes and his driving time from Hilton to Piarco will be less than 30 minutes, so what was he doing for a better part of two hours?

Meeting people – meeting Brian Lara. (Did you notice how his car drove over to the small crowd on the tarmac at Piarco just so that he can press the flesh with what he assumed were everyday ordinary citizens?) Charismatic leaders like Obama gets their oxygen from people – they revel in the attention –  but as he was denied that opportunity in Port of Spain, he went looking for it. Sorry, media people, but you are not ‘ordinary’ people in that sense :-)

So back to the subject matter – who was snubbed? Why Patrick of course… Did you not see the confusion when our PM was lined up front and centre of the ‘palace’ to take a group shot and everyone else looking for their marked spots and Obama decided that he had to go? He thought it was more important to do his press conference than pose for a picture, and while I understood people on Sunday telling me that they thought it was in bad form, we cannot neglect the man’s intelligence and his protocol advisers.

I think it was deliberate and his conferring the title ‘first lady Manning’ on Hazel at the press conference was also very deliberate. Is Michelle Obama referred to as ‘first lady Obama’? No, she’s not. Gad he must have cringed knowing that Hazel was an appointee to her husband’s Cabinet just because of a marital relationship…

So who is the most important man in Trinidad? Brain Charles Lara… Because if the reports are true, he was invited by the White House to meet the US President even though he wasn’t invited to any official event by the organisers on this end. That’s  fear of star power, boy…

But seriously Brian, when are you going to consider serving your people as a politician? Since your return to Trinidad after breaking Hayden’s record I thought you were ready.


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