Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 21, 2009

Hypocrisy Of The Americas

After hearing most of the speeches and comments from the Latin America leaders and the ‘follow-the-leader’ CARICOM leaders, I have to say that I was pretty amazed at the amount of hypocrisy thrown around…

President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua started his 50 odd minute speech about his right to freedom of expression, but in the same speech exhorted acceptance of Cuba that doesn’t have a democracy and stifles freedom of expression. And just like President Hugo Chavez, who also was a rebel and wanted to overthrow his duly elected government by force of arms but had to go through the democratic process and get elected, did they forgot their past?

What is it with us that we cannot stand up and say what need to be said like Barack Obama and Stephen Harper? Cuba has to make some progress in having an opposition to its policies and not stifling freedom expression. Is it because they are true democrats, but at heart we are all wannabe dictators? Guess, I know the answer to that… How many of the next 32 leaders do you think can operate like Harper with a minority government?

What about our PM in his closing speech saying that it was up to Cuba if they wanted to rejoin the OAS when they were expelled in the first place for being a non-democratic country? Was that the furthest he was willing to go on the matter, or did he think that we didn’t know he was being facetious?

The acid test of Castro’s policy – if we are to accept his style of governance – is like accepting Patrick sick and dying and handing over  power to Hazel or Brian. Everyone in TnT will be vomiting on their shoes but I see people in the amphitheatre holding up pictures of Fidel? Really? Where will we draw the line? When someone is a gangster or a murderer but acceptable to say he’s a community leader once he doles out a bit of his ill-gotten gains to the lesser mortals in his village? Oh crap! We do that already!

Now that’s a nasty little truth revealed!


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