Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 20, 2009

There’s Always A First Time (Updated)

And I read Derren Joseph’s (I got that right, yes? Derren and not Darren?) column in the Sunday Guardian yesterday for the first time. I don’t normally read young, fanatical writers – on all sides of the fence – whose minds are closed to anything else but the party of their dreams since they lack even a hint of objectivity, but Derren’s article caught my eyes because some of the points made in the article and highlighted in the summaries.

So the argument was that if the UK can spend GBP 20 million on a one day summit of the G20 nations, it cost practically the same to host the 5th Summit of the Americas since it was over three days and the exchange rate is TT$10:GBP1.oo. (20 x 3 x 10 = 600) Derren, if that’s not grasping for straws to defend vulgar PNM spending, I don’t know what else is…

So let’s see, why was the G20 worth only one day, but your beloved Patrick and his PNM needed three? Oh, I forgot, Sunday wasn’t really a working day but only a ‘gallery’ day in the palace. And Friday was arrival day with a pathetic show put on by Brian Macfarlane for over an hour… So maybe we could have saved $400 million? Yuh think?

Maybe it would have worth your time instead to read Selwyn Ryan’s, Judy Raymond’s or Sheila Rampersad’s articles in the competition! I think that the old saying, ‘there is none so blind as those who refuse to see‘ could not be more apt as in your case, but it may also be a case of so trying to please your master that any arithmetic to justify the squandermania would suffice.

As we are on the topic of the opening ‘ceremony’, how did ya like the balisier/anthurium effect of a head-piece on the anthem singer? Must have warmed your heart, aye? And how did you feel when in Macfarlane’s presentation even the music and rhythm of the indigenous people sounded as if it was out of Africa? And what about the only reference to the Indo-Trinidadian community was to show men dressed up as ‘rag-heads’ throwing blades at the feet of people swaying in the wind with only us understanding that it meant sugar-cane? Well, maybe Bharat Jagdeo got it…

But just in case you didn’t catch Selwyn Ryan, he spoke/wrote about Pomp, Pride and Peacockry. Guess what the tone was on that one? And if that wasn’t enough, Judy Raymond’s quote describing  symptoms of hubris? ‘… a narcissistic propensity to see one’s world primarily as an arena in which to exercise power and seek glory; a disproportionate concern with image and presentation; a messianic manner; excessive confidence in one’s own judgement and resultant contempt for advice; exaggerated self-belief; the belief that one is accountable solely to history of God; and loss of contact with reality…”

But saddest of all, Derren, was Sheila Rampersad saying what we all knew – that the true Trinidad and Tobago was concealed and a facade was put up to try and fool the world. And the question I will leave you with, do you think in his daily security briefings that the US President doesn’t know what’s going on in this country? If you think not, then you are truly delusional.

* Update *

Patrick coulda put some serious WOW! to the crowd if he had spent a little time over the four years organising this summit in learning Spanish. Can you imagine the pride all objective Trinidadians would have felt (including people like me!) if after English he just started addressing his Latin American counterparts in their native tongue? That would have said something, aye? I saw Stephen Harper in his bilingual element and wondered why our PM didn’t think about it… Maybe he’s learning Chinese?


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