Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 9, 2009

So, Where Are All The People…?

“Oh, there they are – stuck on the other side of this very empty highway”. I can just imagine this question rolling around the heads of the 33 leaders attending the Summit of the Americas next week…

In their ‘exuberance’ to display some sense of security that is sadly lacking in this God-forsaken country, the leadership and their security forces will keep everyone away from seeing, much less meeting and greeting the rock star of the hemisphere. I see images of people all over Europe getting within touching distance of the US President (while the other leaders are shunted to one side like French President Sarkozy) and it’s sad to know that it ain’t happenin’ here…

Maybe the only people they might see will be a sanitised version all dressed up and lining some part of Port of Spain – a re-enactment that will probably evoke memories of Marie Antoinette and her country tour before the French Revolution!

The good thing about this whole drama – if it happens as described above – will be Patrick showing the world, by his own doing, the dictator that he is. (The sheer audacity and boldfacedness of him complimenting Calder Hart and UdeCoTT yesterday at the official opening of the Waterfront Project deserves another post)


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