Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 9, 2009

Canadians – Can There Be Any More? (Updated)


Sometimes I feel like I call blight on myself boy… As if we didn’t have enough Canadians we now hear that our PM was ‘very impressed’ by an ‘anti-crime measures presentation’ by an ex-military Canadian? So paying Mastrosfski TT$80m wasn’t enough, you are going to pay more money for another plan? And it has to be more, because the way you guys think, if 80m didn’t cut it, then it’s because ‘da was cheap ting’ and yuh kno’ cheap ting no good?

And by the way, I was reading up on project management after this ‘prestigious’ award and realised that they are still in a time warp:

“A standard mantra of project managers is to say that a successful project is to deliver to time, cost and quality, and by quality they mean to deliver a specification written and frozen at an early stage of the project. Recent research shows that successful project management is delivering value for the owner, and a key element of achieving that is delivering useful functionality for the customer”.

 How, pray tell, is the above interpreted in a context where the government has no concept of value, where we are supposed to be the owners but have no input and in most instances, the product has no useful functionality. Lord help us…

Apparently there is a benefit when you live in a first-world country that has a relatively small population – everyone probably knows each other..

In yesterday’s Express, an add appeared stating that UdeCoTT and GENIVAR were the winners of the ‘prestigious’ Canadian 2009 Leonard prize for project management of the Waterfront Project. Now I tried googling this prize, the consulting engineers who gave it out and even GENIVAR’s site where they post all their awards and honors and all I got was a brief description of the prizes given out:

First off, it didn’t look like any earth-shattering award (GENIVAR didn’t update their web site as yet) and the award was translated as ‘revitalisation’ of the Port of Spain waterfront. Maybe it was the translation that didn’t make it sound all that grand to me?

In any event, the ad was well timed for the official opening yesterday. I always undrestood that self-praise was no praise at all, so our venerable PM jumped in the fray to ‘congratulate’ Calder Hart and UdeCott – Commission of Enquiry be damned! I like this man and what he does with my money! Oh and in case you didn’t catch it, the PM said that it all belong to us – the patrimony of the people. Do ya think I can get a night free in the Hyatt seeing that it belongs to me? One out of 428 rooms; one night out of 365…

Between the Canadians that Calder Hart bring in here and the South Koreans, Malaysians and Chinese his significant other brings, will there be any place for Trinis and Tobagonians? My post of nearly ago (see below) remains relevant up to today:


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