Posted by: nastylittletruths | April 7, 2009

A Cost Hog

I love anagrams, so if you want to take a wild guess what the subject line above was derived from, I am sure you may be right on the first try :-) Hint… the last word is a dead giveaway.

So yes, I was missing for about a month from this blog. As much as I wanted to visit and post something – a subject matter is easy to come by in this country – I was in a bout of depression after I heard a story by an Enterprise fellow I was introduced to as “the Cassava Man”. More on this another time. I was also hiding from Patrick’s spies, or someone, who I understand was been tracking my IP address. One wonders why since I am never posting from one location anyway… Maybe an IT person can help me out here as I am a techno-dunce.

So I saw Mariano Browne on TV last night for a few minutes asking for TnT citizens to ‘bear with them’ while they hone their ‘organisation skills’. Really? It’s all a big experiment? Everyone has said their ten cents worth about the summit and I want to add my two cents also.

I hear this ad that says, ‘the birthplace of ideas that will impact on the world’ and I steups loudly – no matter where I am. Certainly not from any Trinidadian because look who will be there. When I see the print ads with the likes of Gabrielle Walcott and Daren Ganga I steups also, because for a small fee even they are willing to put their principles in their back pocket. Wake up people! These conferences are nothing except displays for Patrick’s ego.

Imagine, because he is the host he thinks that he can change the agenda. Laughable… The US has rebuffed him about trying to put Cuba on the table. Chavez didn’t have time to meet with him on his last junket around Latin America. And the part that riles me the most (apart from the money wasted) is that we are not ready. It is obvious that we don’t have the infrastructure for high ranking officials to visit here because we have to shut down highways, main arteries like Wrightson Road and villages like Oropune and Piarco. We are at a frenzy pressure washing sidewalks and painting overpasses and traffic barriers. We are trying to clean 50 years of crap in one month… And for what? To impress people who are not easily impressed and couldn’t care less.

Does anyone in the Government really think that we will be complimented about our clean roads and fresh paint when it is apparent their is real ugliness hiding behind the wall of Beetham? I remember the old people saying about ‘powdering your face and not wiping your ass’, but this PNM government is taking it to a new level. And if you doubt me about the intention to impress, check the wall between the PBR and 5th Street in Barataria. On the side of the Bus Route and on top of the wall is painted, but not 5th Street side. And the job was so well planned, the cut-aways for pedestrians was painted because that part can be seen from the Bus Route!

Everything, from tint in cars to moving vagrants are glibly dismissed as having nothing to do with the summit. It really is a skill to lie so smoothly knowing that your audience knows you are are lying, yet still do it. I’d hate to think – as I’ve done before – that they think we can’t see through the lies…

So let me hit you a quick slap across the face to remind you that it’s all going to happen again in November… We must be in a really hot part of hell to deserve this punishment…

But to quote from the Guardian in the UK about the G20 summit (or any summit or conference for that matter), ‘two things you can be sure of – it will be hailed as a resounding success and it will be rejected as a dismal failure’.

And if you didn’t get the anagram – Summit Of The Americas (SOTA) and Commonwealth Heads Of Government (CHOG)


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