Posted by: nastylittletruths | March 6, 2009

‘Dangerous’ Indeed

I know that most of the people who read my blog may not see’s dashboard, so when I saw this hot VIP post, I had to link it after reading:

What is the most amazing thing that jumps out at you when reading? Was it Montreal? I was stunned to read that in a city of 535,000 not one homicide for the year 2007. Not even one… Was it Martin Joseph who said that any murder was too much but there was no way to bring it down to zero? We seem to have a propensity for all things Canadian these days from crooks to consultants to forensic auditors, why not Montreal police?

To hear the ramblings of the Prime Minister on Thursday about security for the Summit of the Americas and how safe TnT will be during that time is to feel frustration like the unidentified woman in Parliament on Wednesday who just could not take the BS Jerry Narace was plastering the place with. Over a hundred murders in two months, riots and burning streets and yet our ‘leaders’ are fixated on a conference of 34 talking heads.

Let’s be honest here. How do you feel when the prime minister can smugly read a letter to say, “Obama coming” (with his ‘charming wife’ Michelle he may have added) and then go on to say that this country will be the safest it will ever be? It certainly boils the blood in my veins! What about your citizens Mr. PM? What makes these 34 talking heads lives more valuable than 34 dreadlocked ones in Laventille? Do I hear that the black youths are worth nothing – your fault – and visiting dignitaries more? If they are measured by the same yardstick as you sir, they are all as worthless as a Zimbabwean trillion dollar bill.

The violence and outrage I saw on Gayelle last night when a man was arrested in Picton will one day be visited on you and your cohorts in Cabinet and UdeCoTT et al. Many dictators have felt secured behind their walls and paid guns, but the sheer numbers of the hungry and dispossessed have always toppled them. I saw that outrage last night and placed the blame squarely at your feet and your predecessors of the mighty PNM. You cannot arrogantly defy the laws of this land and don’t expect your supporters to follow. As surely as night follows day – your quote, not mine…

So stop talking about security in Port of Spain for three days – people will still be robbed and killed in other parts of the country – it’s just exposing your discordant thinking and making us more frustrated and angry. As a matter of fact, here’s a good piece of advice – stop talking about the conference. It’s a sore point for us, and unlike you, we don’t see any benefits. Stop bringing it up every day and we may be able to push it out of our minds a bit


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