Posted by: nastylittletruths | January 27, 2009

Being Noticed… For The Wrong Reason

So do ya think that TnT is mentioned in President Obama’s security briefing? We may be like a fly on the haunch of South America, but I believe that we are. Seeing that we can be lumped into a general description he used yesterday at his announcement before signing his Executive Orders on Jobs, Energy Independence and Climate Change, one can wonder…

“America’s dependence on oil is one of the most serious threats that our nation has faced. It bankrolls dictators, pays for nuclear proliferation and fuels both sides of our struggle against terrorism”.  – US President Barack Obama (01/26/09)

Few doubt this man’s intelligence, so while Patrick may all be wrapped up in his idea of playing host, Obama probably knows more of what is happening here in TnT than Patrick may want known. Ironic, isn’t it?


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