Posted by: nastylittletruths | January 2, 2009

Cuba’s 50th Anniversary

The post below was started just before Christmas and originally titled “The Shame Of All Shame”, but as Cuba celebrated their 50th Anniversary of the Revolution yesterday, I changed it. Kwadwo Mensah in a letter to the Express last Monday, however, made some excellent comparisons to us and Cuba – much more than I would have researched and written about, but he left out this last shame.

I also read on BBC  this morning some interviews with Cubans resident in Florida – naturally all slanted to the US view and who decried Castro – and I’m still searching for the truth… Did Fidel, as Kwadwo said, made some harsh decisions but still anchored to the development of his people? The fact that his medical personnel is revered by our PM leans to that truth. How does this compare to Patrick wasting our money on his ‘developmental’ decisions? Decisions that had more to do with tall buildings and not much else and which he said were his to make?

I really had to re-read my post about democracy….

Happy New Year, people!!!

Original Post – “The Shame Of All Shame”

Richest country in the Caribbean – Trinidad and Tobago.

Next to Haiti, the most under-developed country because of a crippling embargo of close to 47 years and now facing immense economic hardships because of multiple hurricane damages last year – Cuba

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago – Gets free medical attention in Cuba

Health Institutions in Trinidad and Tobag0 – Where you go to die…

I think that the ultimate shame was when the Cuban government could still turn around and say that the last operation Patrick had was ‘free’. (I’ve already heard many comments that nothing in in this world is free, but I’ll take it at face value this time).


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