Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 23, 2008

Not Laws, Enforcement

To highlight the continuation of our sham of a Parliament, I latched on to Colm Im-Blah’s comments after the weekend floods and resulting damage to his constituency. Before I go in to his comments, let me justify my position on our Parliament… This honourable house is where the representatives of the people meet to enact laws that should redound to our benefit. Unfortunately, the way our Constitution is structured most of our lawmakers are also members of the executive. It can never work here as we don’t know how to separate the two with our small island mentality. The trappings of the executive lure the weak away from the reason they are there – to represent the people’s interests. I can argue this for days…

Anyway, the Minister wants to get ‘very, very tough’ with developers in 2009 by bringing legislation next year that ‘will result in errant developers paying compensation to homeowners whose properties were damaged by floods and landslides caused by improper building practices’. Really? Tell that to a homeowner who saw blatant disregard of Town and Country, Building Inspectors and Local Health while construction was going on  but no one did anything. And then when something goes wrong he has to go to court and wait for judgment? Colm must think that we are all fools.

Instead of wasting time debating legislation for punishment after  the fact, why not try to enforce the rules and regulations currently on the books? You know why? Because you can’t… Once T&C officials are demanding their $20,000 for each approval and Building and Health Inspectors accept any small sum they ask for, this country will never lift itself out of the gutter of  ‘anything goes’ planning. And you know who is the biggest culprit? If you guessed Government, take full marks and go to the head of the class. Just recently the line minister for housing admitted that they didn’t have approvals for their developments (but she blamed her predecessor…)

After the statement by the Minister, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) got into the act and said that they are monitoring development works for any breaches and I shook my head in disbelief. I know of a particular situation where a Member of Parliament wrote to the EMA asking for intervention on behalf of her constituent and they still didn’t do anything.

(In a totally unrelated matter, the Public Health Inspectorate jumped in to defend themselves about dengue in Frederick Settlement. Did you see the guy sweating while he was telling his lies? He would have definitely failed a polygraph test! Lies, lies and more lies. The key to being a public official is denounce the issue as non-existent, say that you are doing something when you are not, promise a report after the requisite 9 days when everyone will move on to something else, draw your salary with absolutely no guilt and supplement your income with bribe money since you believe the ‘guv’ment doh pay mih enuff for doin’ dis’…)

We look forward to all your new laws Im-Blah. It will certainly make us feel nice to have all the statute books filled to overflowing but no one with the will, political or otherwise, to enforce it…

Merry Christmas people and a Happy New Year people. Hopefully I will give this blog up in 2009 because everything will be nice and wonderful :-)


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