Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 15, 2008

It Comes Naturally…

Am I such a sceptic that I question Manning’s health story? No one to blame except politician’s themselves since they lie as soon as they open their mouths…

Here we have a sitting Prime Minister who won a resounding mandate one year ago, but three polls show a majority of the population dissatisfied with his and his government’s performance. We also have a track record of blatant lies, untruths and cover-ups when information is sought. Have we forgotten the AG on a hired lawyer’s remuneration, or the Culture Minister’s refusal to name recipients of scholarships?

Now, without any inkling of a hint prior to his revelation, we hear every single detail of this kidney cancer? Sorry, this may seem harsh and cold-hearted but I don’t bite. I think that PM, Madame Minister and the two sons will be having a Christmas vacation in Cuba at taxpayer’s expense with the added benefit of a nation’s sympathy for a very disliked Prime Minister. And as mentioned in the beginning – I am just a product of politician’s lies, so don’t blame me for my position.

Oh, and I agree with Selwyn Ryan – even if their approval rating is zero today, the PNM will still win an election tomorrow.


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