Posted by: nastylittletruths | December 3, 2008

URGENT! Driver’s IQ Testing Needed

Going on three weeks since my last post and 29 days since Barack Obama’s election. Wow… I’m skidding… (Why Obama’s election? had a piece to write since then but was only able to complete the one on McCain. Good cricket habit – one who came second speaks first).

Anyway, to the subject matter: Many moons ago I promised to pick an “Idiot of the Day” driver’s award and then post it here, but that was a no-go since it was really very difficult to pick the winner. Every day – every day… I am quickly getting to the point where I’ll have similar contempt for my fellow citizens as our politicians have for all. Have to stop the slide… stop the slide… calm thyself…

There I was minding my own business going to work on Monday morning – in the dark – when at around 5:55 am a dark coloured Hyundai Matrix PCJ 3519 started to overtake me. Picture this: doing about 50kph but the driver of the Matrix put on his/her indicator, moved to the middle of the road and started to overtake at the grand speed of probably 51 kph… Thankfully, the road was wide so the now oncoming car could have taken left a bit more.

No problem – that worked. Problem; we are approaching a corner and the Matrix still haven’t passed me yet! I started to step on the brake – just in time – as another came flying low through. This was a little closer as the guy was unaware (coming around a corner for goodness sake!) and had to veer to left quickly. You think it done? No… matrix still doing 51 kph and we are now approaching the bridge after the corner that you can’t see oncoming trafficbecause of the height. Well, I gave up. I stopped and let him/her go. Luckily no one was coming over the bridge as the only way to avoid the Matrix was to cuddle the concrete headwall…

And without a care in the world the driver proceeded to the overpass to enter the highway, ignored the Yield sign and promptly drove in front of a 3-ton truck to continue to the off-ramp and get onto the Uriah Butler Highway. Seriously, if this is the way this person drives everyday, they are either going to get themselves killed, or worse, kill someone else. Driving is a skill that can be taught. As in other skills, some people will excel and some won’t have a grasp of it, but for everyone’s sake, at least apply some intelligence to the practice.

For all the months I haven’t given out the Idiot of the day award, please consider this one all inclusive.


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