Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 13, 2008

Truer Words Never Uttered (Update)


One of my media heroes, Clevon Raphael, in today’s Guardian commentary was thinking along similar lines. Here’s a link to the article, but just in case it’s updated and not kept static, below’s an excerpt:

Louis also made a big hullabaloo about the lack of professionalism in the media and to an extent I share his concern. But can he look in the mirror and say he has always been beyond reproach in his operations at Citadel?

I ask this in the context of the repeated calls by his station to the then Chief Justice to step down during the height of his legal troubles with the Manning administration last year.

It was the only such entity to adopt such an unprecedented stance in the legal annals of this country.

Can Louis tell this nation what part of journalistic professionalism did those vehement calls fall under?

To ease the pain and anguish of those taped admonitions inflicted on a man who has worked all his life in the interest of his native land, I asked Louis (after the CJ was completely exonerated) to do the decent thing and apologise to Sat Sharma on his radio station.

Of course in keeping with the high standard of journalistic professionalism Louis professes to be so passionate about, he has not done so.

Why am I not surprised?”

Original post –

There are some journalists who do not see their roles as reporting the facts, but rather as opposition to the Prime Minister and the Government” – Louis Lee Sing of Citadel Ltd. November 11, 2008.

So true, but the hypocrisy never ends… Is this the same Louis Lee Sing who together with Dale Enoch and Tony Lee gave Basdeo Panday stick from 1995 to 2001 on Power 102? Is this the same Louis Lee Sing who ran a non-stop ad calling for then CJ Sat Sharma to “resign now!” when the PM was gunning for him? (I heard no apology when the CJ was cleared of any wrongdoing). Can’t be.

Oh, I know… This must be the Louis Lee Sing who got a radio licence faster than you can say Patrick, is Chairman of the NLCB and a proud member of the PNM since 1969. Jeez, did you expect any objectivity or impartiality at his “press conference”? Look out Marlon – you are in the cross-hairs.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a fan of the social sciences and, of course, social psychology. One of the most fascinating areas and my favourite is “cognitive dissonance”. Trinidad can be a psychologist’s dream or nightmare depending on which way his thesis goes, but my word – how can people get up and speak on one thing as if it’s their firm belief and act/acted in a totally opposite manner?

Where you would expect “dissonance” and the attendant feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment, there is actually “consonance” in the manner and behaviour! It’s as if they are speaking the gospel truth. It’s endemic, especially coming from members of the Government when they speak about things we know that are untrue. I thought it was just contempt they had for us, but Lord help us, they really think they are speaking the truth.


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