Posted by: nastylittletruths | November 6, 2008

And Your 15 Minutes Of Fame Is Done… Now

And so once again, at least for now, Sarah Palin has become Alaska’s problem. Palin and her groundless ideas about science, Palin and her cavernous ignorance about the world, Palin and her peculiar species of the English language, Palin and her creepy husband, Palin and her right-wing fanboys, Palin and the whole goddamned lot of it — it’s over”


Oh how one wishes it was really done…

Apparently Sarah Palin refuses to be out of the limelight as the Newsweek has reported on new allegations about her spending:

The biggest drag on the McCain/Palin ticket, and as is her style, she totally dismissed the suggestion. The fact that she got bigger crowds than McCain made her think that McCain was the drag :-).

Let’s go back to fundamentals you great politician… You excited the GOP base, not the independents, nor the democrats who were willing to be swayed. 60% of them said that they couldn’t vote the ticket because of you. How do ya think that would have transferred into real votes?

This post I opened with had summed it up for me, but she came back onto the news scene like a bad flu…

The laughable notion that she could lead the Republicans against Barack Obama in 2012 is akin to Basdeo Panday actually thinking he could win an election in TnT. In Barack Obama’s words, “out of touch and out of ideas…”


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