Posted by: nastylittletruths | October 16, 2008

And The Greed Continues…

A few months ago – in May, to be precise – I wrote three posts dealing with love of money, greed and Government’s role in propagating it and thought I covered it all. An incredulous story I heard yesterday, however, left me stunned for words. But before I tell the story, let me leave three links for the posts I mentioned just to reinforce the point:

Speak to most people in TnT and you know that they have a common fear of public hospitals. In local talk, that is where you go when you want to die not to live. Like any good market, entrepreneurs will see a need and move to fill it. Private hospitals became good business, and with money flowing like water, it got even better. (Take a look at St. Augustine Private Hospital and Medical Associates undergoing expansion).

The same way I had a problem with a die-hard union man (Harry Harnarine) running a multi-million dollar business (Hindu Credit Union) – and we all know where that ended up – I have a problem with doctors playing businessmen. The question that arise is if they got into medicine for money, or to heal people? If you are real Trini, I know what your answer will be. In my long life I’ve met only one Trinidadian who is a genuine healer and who is not in it for the money alone. If a patient doesn’t have enough money to pay the bill, it’s not a problem and most likely they’ll leave with a bag full of medical samples free of charge. (yes, MJ, it’s you I’m talking about…)

So back to the story related to me by a female relative concerning a close friend of hers:

Diagnosed with ovarian cysts by a doctor, the recommendation was surgery for removal and the place was Medical Associates. The operation was scheduled some time in September and the woman complied with all instructions before going to check herself in. After surgery, she couldn’t come out from under the anesthesia applied and there was some temporary panic by the doctors involved. From what I heard, apparently everyone was called to help and finally a drug was injected to “wake her up”. The kicker was that they charged her TT$1,000 for that. Hmmm… I wonder what part of ‘reversible and controllable’ general anesthesia they didn’t hear in class and made it a ‘chargeable treatment’ in business? To add insult to injury, I heard that they charged the woman TT$50 for a saucer of ice slivers since she wasn’t allowed to ingest fluids to quench her thirst.

Such greed. Practised by our leaders to a fine art and by their corrupt friends, it’s now a free-for-all in TnT with everyone wanting their chunk of the money pie. I really expected better, but I’m getting quickly disillusioned about the people who populate this land of mine. (Words chosen carefully – it’s not a mistake).



  1. wow, $50 for ice! now that is just wickedness…
    what injustice!

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