Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 27, 2008

Worst Week Ever

I can fall out of character and start talking about the 2008/2009 budget, but for the past week everyone’s on the ball – no need for me to get involved in that 3 hours and 10 minutes of tata. But on Monday night’s Gayelle News, Paolo Kernahan had the best analogy of the budget – “like a quart of hops bread – expensive, full of hot air and little substance”. I rest my case…

But be warned my fellow Super Unleaded Fuel users – the 33 1/3% increase in the price of Premium Unleaded is Patrick testing the market. If the sales volume of premium stays more or less the same, in other words, does not change significantly, super is going up before you can say taxi. The “burden” of  the gas subsidy to the government is painful to them because they think we don’t deserve it. That’s money for their  personal use instead of a direct benefit to us as TnT citizens. It’s only lip service that the wealth of this country belongs to the citizens. You know who really owns it… So, you heard it here first. Patrick will look at the premium sales over three months (let Christmas pass, nah) and if the figures look encouraging, it’s a gas price increase during the “pay no attention” time leading up to Carnival.

So Blink was giving me some trouble since the weekend of 20th/21st and throughout the week. No connection on the weekend, none on Wednesday and Thursday, sporadic and slow on Monday and Tuesday. Calls to their support in India is a waste of time – especially when you really want to rant and rave with someone in Trinidad. I had to fly out of the island on Friday so I was only able to get online when I left  Trinidad… Pathetic…


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