Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 22, 2008

Capitalistic Greed In Communist China

Gordon Geckko (Michael Douglas in Wall Street) was wrong… greed is not good…

If you take a dispassionate look at Chinese made products – whether copies or their own – the key point is that they are generally made cheap. Generally.. Lenovo makes good computers, but HP… I’m not impressed. But the top news these days is of course the contaminated baby milk. I mean, come on, putting melamine to make it seem as if it has a higher protein content? How much of a slave can you be to money? And this after  the scandal last year with the same melamine in pet food?

And the major cause of this, just like the Wall Street meltdown of last week, is the absence of regulation. Seriously, if it were not Chinese babies dying, do you think the authorities there would have been stepping up their inspections? The rules are always lax in China – especially when it comes to copying patented or copyrighted material. Owners of the patents and copyrights usually have no recourse in Chinese courts and have to expend considerable money to stop the products being sold in markets all over the world. And again, it’s all about making the money.

So how many Trinidadian companies jumped on the “Chinese copy” boat? Quite a few from what I gather, but you have to be in the industry or know how to spot it when shopping. To them, I also raise my hat. Good show. Once you make your millions, who cares about lives and property? You’ll be living it up in a developed country with your children and staying far away from the cheap copies yourselves. You know who you are…


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