Posted by: nastylittletruths | September 13, 2008

Campaign Finance – The Universal Method

Corporate entities are the backbone of campaign contributions to political parties. Whether it’s in the US, where defence contractors have made billions through work given in return for tacit campaign support, or in Trinidad where general contractors are given jobs they generally are incapable of doing, funds must flow back to the war chest of the political parties handing out the jobs.

I drove up Munroe Road today from the Uriah Butler Highway then on to the Southern Main Road heading to Enterprise. Big mistake… Massive traffic jam because paving work was being done after Chin Chin Road. The hard part of sitting in the traffic – directly in front of the Cunupia Police Station – is that not one policeman/woman came out to see if they could have helped untangle the gridlock at the junction. Those that were hired by the contractor seemed at a loss on how to handle the traffic. The only word I can think of to describe their faces is vacuous. If these people can’t figure out how to make traffic flow smoothly, do we really expect them to solve our crime problems? Lord, help us…

But I digress. After sitting for over 20 minutes to travel 200 metres, the real tragedy was seeing the quality of work being done by this contractor, Seereeram Brothers. It will take all the oratory powers of Colm Imbert to defend this one if it’s possible. I have to go back and get pictures just to prove how bad it is. But does the contractor really care? In the days of old when I was actually in this line of business, contractors got paid by the tons. Not how well you put it down, or how far you made it go (SB, 2″ wearing course is still sufficient eh… not 4″ – 8″ of asphalt), but how much in weight was laid. That system alone led to massive corruption and mediocre work.

Coming back to the contractors, and Seereeram Brothers are not the only guilty party, how much money do you need to suck from this country? When you do bad work at enormous sums, and we all know that you have to pay back to the campaign war chest, are you not suffering your own countrymen? All in the name of dollars? I always remember the ‘saint’ Sadiq Baksh when he built the Carlsen Field market as a guise to give you access to the highway. Defended as a true off highway market, I’ve never seen vendors there, but your gate is open… You got your return on your investment then and you will continue to get it from this corrupt PNM government too.

So the challenge is laid down. I will return to Cunupia and get pictures and post them up here and if any Ministry of Works personnel, up to the Minister, can defend this travesty, I will personally contribute to the PNM’s war chest too.


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