Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 28, 2008

A Frighteningly Good Read

I’ve quoted it quite often in my last few posts, and except for reprinting it entirely (jail without bail), there is no way I can pass on all this information to you… Go out and buy it today!

I unashamedly put books that I read here (even though I don’t get paid for advertising) simply because the material is quoted liberally. Hopefully my pitch for you to buy the book won’t get me in trouble with the authors… (Fingers crossed)

The Tyranny of Good Intentions by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton (link to probably the best excerpt as it’s happening now) is one of those books that awes you with data and references, but which can be verified with a cursory internet search. The fact that the supposedly ‘greatest power of the free world’ has been systematically dismantling the freedoms of their own citizens without much anxiety from the citizenry themselves is a telling lesson. (Speaking to one of my uncles earlier this month [a US citizen] he refused to believe what I was saying even though I could have supported the information with internet searches).

Fascism seems to be more and more appealing to our leadership these days. When a government, bit by bit, enacts legislation that prevents you from opposing them in any form or fashion, or removes any rights you previously held, you are in serious trouble. One of the best catch phrases in this book was that, “the law resides in the hearts of the people rather than in the mouth of the king”, but even though I understand the logic and rationale behind us delegating authority to our rulers, I can never understand why they can’t…

To rouse your awareness, Charles Peguy (a French poet and essayist) had said that, “tyranny is always better organised than freedom“. What do you think?

Here’s inside of the jacket:

“A thousand years of legal protection against tyranny are being stolen right before our eyes. Under the guise of good intentions, personal liberties as old as the Magna Carta have become casualties in the wars being waged on pollution, drugs, white-collar crime and all the other real and imagined social ills”.



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