Posted by: nastylittletruths | August 25, 2008

Imperialism – Manning’s Master Plan

While we think and worry about Manning’s dictatorial or fascist tendencies, he is one up on us. TnT is too small for his ambitions and as he believes he already has us whipped into submission (we are, aren’t we?), he is on an expansionist drive. I wrote a paper about this early into his first year granted by Robbie – and which I lost when my old desktop crashed so I can’t reproduce it here – but since then I’ve been very wary of his plans to “integrate” – even economically – with St. Vincent and Grenada.

Who remembers the first foray some years ago will also remember that Barbados’ name was called too. They distanced themselves immediately. Guyana was also mentioned at the same time, but for reasons unexplained, they are dumped now. Richard Wm Thomas wrote an excellent letter to the Express last week and Selwyn Ryan was his brilliant, analytical self in Sunday’s Express. Yes, everyone who understands Patrick’s little plan is wary. Not content with having to rely on his political base in Trinidad and Tobago to stay perpetually in power, he wants the votes of the Vincentians and Grenadians too. And Richard was quite right in his letter – do we really expect them to vote for an Indo-Trinidadian party? And I used to laugh when some time ago there were south “Indians” looking for a separate state… Indesh, was it?

Ralph Gonsalves may be the only  leader in the entire world who is so willing to give up the sovereignty of his country for a chance to be close to money and power. Remember this ingrate who could not wait for parliamentary elections in 2000 and demonstrated in the streets and elections were brought up by nearly more than two years? An arrangement made possible by then PM Basdeo Panday who was Ralph’s union pardner? And one of the first things that Ralph did when Bas was out of office was to bad-talk him in a television interview? My mother always warned me about people who enjoyed your hospitality and when given the opportunity say bad things about you. I marked him then as a person not to be trusted and when Ken Valley was able to hire him as a mouth piece for the FTAA, it was cemented.

Tillman Thomas is the new kid on the block, but he made such a quick turn around he had Trinis and Grenadians alike spinning. Upset about what Patrick said about him before the elections on planning to overthrow the Government, a jet ride to Trinidad and some sweet talk had him signing an MOU to unify economically and politically with TnT and SVG. Really? In a mere six weeks?

But I believe that Manning’s plan is more about imperialism (in his head) than integration. He has the money and he’s buying countries through their willing leaders. And what is imperialism more than what the British defined it to be – the policy of so uniting the separate states of an empire with separate governments as to secure for certain purposes a single state”  Yes, we are behind the times while the Emperor has his plans moving along.

So for the intellectually lazy amongst us who thinks, as Patrick would like us to, that he and his government is brimming with wisdom and caring, remember Vladimir Lenin who said dictatorship was needed to create a ‘new and better society’. “The scientific concept, dictatorship, means neither more nor less than unlimited power resting directly on force, not limited by anything, not restrained by any law or rules. Nothing else but that”



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