Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 31, 2008

Aftermath Of A Murder

When George W. Bush launched his “War on Terror”, some people didn’t like the term as the word ‘war’ leads to an assumption that someone is going to win. Similarly, when our politicians and police top brass speak about the “War on Crime” they want us to believe that our security forces will ‘win’ one day . The killers, bandits and thugs will just walk out with their hands up in the air, concede defeat and there will be no more crime. In a conventional war you know who your enemies are and where they are entrenched. Against terrorism and crime it isn’t. The ‘enemy’ don’t wear uniforms, they are not in plain sight and they ‘fight’ covertly against civilians.

The majority of our, and the world’s population, instinctively know that it will never happen. But if for one moment I agree with Martin Joseph and Philbert James, after last night I can safely say that we are on the losing side… If our police are the ‘soldiers’ in the front line of this ‘war’, we are doomed to ‘lose’. (I know that they will never concede defeat, hence the fallacy of the original statement).

Just about 8:30 pm last night, Ramnarine ‘Ramo” Maharaj was killed by an assassin at the gate of his garage on the Longdenville Old Road, Enterprise. I have known this man for over 30 years and when his son Ravi was kidnapped the first time some years ago, it was a traumatic six days until he was rescued by the Anti-Kidnapping Squad (score one for them). But in the days leading up to the first hearing of the matter, Ravi was snatched again. Up to this day, years later, there has been no trace of him. The family had no choice but to assume the worst and move on with their lives – without closure.

After suffering so long for the loss of his son, going anywhere in Trinidad at the faintest whisper or advice of seers to search for a body, Ramo’s life ended last night with a bullet similar to how many felt Ravi also met his. Last night speaking to total strangers – women who knew and loved Ravi – there was still the anguish hoping that he wasn’t tortured before he was killed. With Ramo’s body mere metres away, they remembered the past pain as they felt the new one. This was a murder scene and a few hundred people came after they heard the news. And apparently this only served to annoy the police…

Blocking the road with two vehicles, the police cordoned off the area, but did not put up any tapes. People on the southern side could not walk across to the north and vice versa – even those who were trying to get home. The police said that they had to keep the scene untouched until the arrival of their ‘experts’ – their CSI for want of a better description. The DMO was kept waiting for two hours until the arrival of the ‘experts’ and of course another hour while they did what they had to do. In the end, after laying ignominiously on the pavement for nearly three and a half hours, the body was finally moved.

During the three hours while the crowd was seeing nothing happening, it started to get a bit ugly. Trying to play bad after the fact, the police only showed why they deserve the contempt and ridicule of the population at times. It could have turned tragic when Ramo’s surviving son, Rajesh, tried to come out of the yard opposite where his father lay to meet family members arriving and he was verbally abused and roughed up by a policeman. Seriously? A young man who lost his brother and father by violence and all this policeman could do is behave in such a manner? For walking on the grass at the side of the road opposite to the murder scene and where the investigators never went? You are an example of someone who joined the service only as a means to bully people.

Slowly and painstakingly these investigators worked the scene and you knew that we are in serious trouble if this is standard procedure. Maybe they think they are doing the right thing but the detection rate of murders in this country proves that they are only record keeping. Yes we have all the photos, measurements and physical evidence, but we can’t hold anyone to link them to the scene… Case closed… For over an hour, while waiting for their CSI, two plainclothes policemen (detectives?) were poring over some papers with a torchlight and had everyone wondering if the killers left written instructions on how to find them. Incompetence and stupidity at its very best. As one man said during one of the flare-ups with the police, “don’t waste time our time with your procedures… we know and you know that you can’t find the killers… just let us grieve our loss…”


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