Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 28, 2008

Who’s Afraid Of The Big (Bad) Gun?

I paid scant attention to the news this week – have enough things to depress me – but caught Lennox Grant’s column in the Sunday Guardian about the “lock down” of John John, Canada and Africa by our security forces in search of a “big gun”. I must have a weird sense of humour, but this story had me laughing my ass off.

Stating as fact that a “high powered, big gun” was fired (from where?) and shattered an apartment window ‘way down in Plaisance Terrace’ (600 feet away), my amusement stemmed from the reaction of the security forces. While these same areas are witnessing daily slaughter by small arms, it wasn’t of any concern – okay, maybe minimal concern – to the authorities. The presence of a weapon that can be lethal to them and their masters is a different matter however.

I can just imagine the government politicians’ horror when they realised that they could possibly be on the receiving end of a bullet fired by some assassin that their immediate security cannot protect them from.  For the first time they may have felt a direct threat on their lives and the full force of the police and army were sent in to retrieve that weapon at all costs. I have no sympathy for them. At least they know now how we feel under the threat of guns wielded by merciless criminals.

It should be a lesson to my fellow citizens too. See how quickly action is taken when they  feel threatened? Understand where these people priorities are and you begin to see that you are nothing but a vote at election time.


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