Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 21, 2008

Waiting In Vain For The Uprising

I’ve been struggling to complete a book by one of the most brilliant analytical minds of our times (my humble opinion and probably quite a few million others) because I have to divert to other material for work. And this book needs some paying attention to as every page is filled with such history you lose the impact of the following page if your mind wandered. But in getting close to the end I came across a very interesting view of the “revolutionaries” of the 1960’s and 1970’s that brought a vivid image of Bas and his red beret of last year to mind.

After Mao Tse Tung’s success in waging a guerrilla war against the Chinese Nationalists in the 1930’s and 1940’s, the only other two places that had success with a similar model was Cuba and Nicaragua. The author went into some detail of how the Cubans started to export their Marxist ideology to South America where it failed disastrously – up to the death of Che Guevera in Bolivia. Most people who know the region’s history will readily admit what happened to Che in Bolivia was foolish, (tragicomic as the author described it) but the left wing “revolutionaries” will still have some ideological view of it.

One can therefore question, what was Bas trying to accomplish with his regalia and “stand tall!” punch line of last year? And the answer possibly lies in an old aproach of inciting the masses to “march the streets in their millions” – well in our case, only thousands – to accomplish what they can’t do by the ballot box. Wade Mark at times also looks like he is stuck in some period playing Marxist revolutionary…

As in the case of rural urban guerrilla warfare (translate into political grandstanding in our case) outside of the colonial environment, the fatal flaw in the strategy was that it lacked an effective end-game. The theory said that when the guerrillas (talkers) had succeeded in driving the government into a sufficiently repressive posture, the populace would rise up in righteous wrath and destroy its oppressors. But even if the population should decide that it is the government and not the guerrillas that is responsible for its growing misery, just how is it to accomplish this feat? By the urban uprisings that have RARELY SUCCEEDED since the 19th century?” (My emphasis)

Could the UNC-A, especially Wade Mark, really believe that Trinidadians will “rise up” against the government. He has certainly hinted many times in the Senate that the population is fed up and will “take to the streets” and “demonstrate” their dissatisfaction with “this wicked PNM government”. But before I used to think that it was just a disconnect (Seriously? Trinis in an uprising? The only way that happening is if that’s the name of a carnival band…) but now I realise these men are products of the 1960’s and still stuck in that era of populist revolutionary techniques. They failed then, but it still seems quite attractive to some…

In my next post I’ll tell the story from another viewpoint – organised crime – but in the meantime, buy a copy of Gwynne Dyer’s WAR – The New Edition, it’s worth every cent you’ll pay for it.


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