Posted by: nastylittletruths | July 1, 2008

Rubbing Our Noses In It

If you read the editorial of Saturday’s Express (June 28th), and as an extension of what I wrote on May 16th, the time has come for people to move from denial onto the next step – anger.

The Express’ editorial headline, “Rule of law on a slippery slope” gives the impression that we haven’t gone over the cliff as yet so they are either still in denial or lacking serious intent. How’s this for a better description – we are hanging by our fingernails to the side of the cliff while government ministers and their financiers are raining boulders on our heads… This better illustrates what I feel when insulted by the likes of Bridgid Anisette George and Marlene McDonald about what constitutes “privacy laws”.

A few weeks ago, in response to a question about fees paid to a lawyer, the AG said she can’t divulge the information because it’s the lawyer’s private business and therefore protected by Section 4c of the Constitution. Roundly criticised then by Martin Daly as being self-adjudicating, apparently Marlene couldn’t care less. In both instances public funds were expended by government personnel and we are being told that the beneficiaries are protected by privacy laws? Wow… now that’s contempt for the people…

In the first instance I can be a bit lenient (just a bit) because government do hire lawyers for various reasons and I am sure that said lawyers will declare their income to the BIR. (Wait a minute, can this be a private matter too?) But the second one with Marlene McDonald? No way… A secret committee sat and allocated monies to “students” to continue their studies at local, regional and international institutions to the tune of TT$45m+ over a five year period and we can’t know who they are? These people were beneficiaries of public money without any known criteria. As far as we know there are no students, no studies and the money could be sitting in someone’s bank account somewhere. Not impossible, but more obscenely likely is that the State is funding the education of party supporters’ children.

At least the Express was right in one thing  – only the courts can determine legality and illegality, but who’s taking whom to court? I don’t agree with them however on the belief that we can still scramble up that slippery slope and save ourselves from destruction. I don’t think that the editor lives in a different Trinidad to the one I know but he/she should take a walk right in Port of Spain and see the general lawlessness. From the big bad businessman who couldn’t care less about Town and Country regulations to the reckless drivers and pedestrians who do as they please, nothing works. And finally look for someone who is willing to uphold the law whether they are police officers or governmental officers charged with certain repsonsibilities, no one is there…



  1. Its not so much as there’s no one willing. I think its become too costly now to do the right thing. People weigh the cost of doing something against the cost of doing nothing and take the most expedient route!

    After so many years of just letting things slip and slide, its now practically impossible for the average Joe or Jane Trini by him/herself and feel empowered and safe in trying to do the right thing.

    We’re all to blame. Law enforcement is to blame for not keeping us in check. We’re to blame for not insisting that the law enforcement does its job effectively.

  2. True, there will always be some few souls that are willing, but very much in the minority.
    I had asked the question in an earlier post (April 20th) hoping to get some answers as to what happened to us along the way that we can’t get things done.

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